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Women play a crucial role in the agriculture value chain of Africa, 80% of the agriculture produce comes from women.

They also process the majority of the agriculture produce and play a major role in the storage and retailing of the agriculture produce.

But access to finance and land is low compared to their male counter parts.

Women also help in improving house hold food security and adequate nutritional uptake to children.

Sustenance believes that strengthening women will definitely improve the agriculture value chains and vice- versa.

In the backdrop of climate change and global warming producing food in a sustainable way is very important not only for the environment but also for the agriculture itself to sustain in the long run.

If agriculture is not done in harmony with environment it will have detrimental effects which will lead to food security issues.

As agriculture is also a large emitter of GHG it is important to device innovative methods to keep up with the increasing food demand while reducing GHG emissions.

Sustenance follows highly efficient soil management, pest management, disease management and water management practices and trains the small growers to follow the same.

Sustenance is developing new self sufficient farming methods where dependence on external inputs of agriculture are minimum which is also profitable in Africa where the agriculture input costs are very high.

Inclusive growth:

Sustenance believes that inclusive growth is the corner stone of any healthy society where the income disparities are minimum and money is distributed to a large population base.

Inclusive growth brings much needed political stability and provides equal opportunity for all.

With 70% of the Africans being small farmers enabling them will definitely help in equal wealth distribution across the geographies.