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The global food and agriculture landscape is witnessing unprecedented changes and is given more importance than ever before in the backdrop of food security concerns.

While the demand for food is rising due to the growth in population, urbanization , rising income levels and Bio-fuel production, on the supply side it is constrained by climate change, decreasing arable land ,stagnant productivity and water scarcity .

All these supply constraints are skyrocketing the food prices.

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The increase in the food prices will particularly hit the poor in the import dependent countries of Africa where 50% of the world’s poor live.

Africa imports in excess of USD $ 40 billion of food grains(FAO).

On the other hand, the middle class in Africa is rising like never before with unprecedented economic growth.

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The world’s food productions needs to be doubled by 2050 compared to the current levels to feed the growing population (UN& FAO).

With the Asian countries becoming net importers of Agri-commodities as they cater the growing demand, agriculture is gaining importance like never before.

Sunflower Field

Africa with 60% of the world’s available land can be the world’s bread basket.

Sunflower Field

Agriculture in Africa is the source of livelihood for 64% of the population , 34% of the continents GDP and 40% of the export earnings.

On the other hand Agriculture has twice the effect on reducing poverty and hunger compared to any other sector states the FAO.

Through agriculture millions of people can be lifted out of poverty and hunger in Africa.

Sunflower Field

To strengthen the Agri-infrastructure in Africa there is a strong need of organizations which can efficiently mobilize resources ,
build efficient agriculture value chains ,
provide extension services and provide fair market access to the farmers.

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90% of Africa’s food production comes from small farmers and Sustenance believes that if the African farmers are trained
and given the needed hand holding they can without any doubt will feed the growing population.

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Like Africa, Asian agriculture is also dominated by small farmers but they have achieved
food sufficiency because of market access provided by agro processing companies to the farmers.

Countries like India have become the largest producers of Milk, Sugar and meat using the
strength of small growers and the same can be achieved by Africa.

Sustenance is the step in the same direction.